Ratan Villas - Accommodation

Watch the stars twinkling in front of your tent or room,
fall asleep with the silence of the night and wake up by the sounds of the birds chirping.

  • Accommodations

We couldn't make RatanVillas more beautiful, so we thought we'd simply make it more comfortable. We began with the understanding that the most luxurious things in the world are peace, tranquility and harmony, and that whatever we do should only enhance these pillars of our philosophy.

The result is a resort architecture that has a peacock feather leitmotif, where each of the guest huts bespeaks a happy marriage of heritage and modern luxury. From the outside, the dwellings subtly incorporate the colors and textures of the landscape in every detail; while within, the sumptuous interiors reflect a vernacular sensitivity that goes beyond mere lip service. From the ethnic furniture and luxury fittings, through the heritage patterned furnishings and drapery, to the little touches like the 'Cage Mud' lamp shades, the sum of the parts is a harmonious whole.

Considering the vast amounts of energy required, we have not provided for heated pools or jacuzzis at the resort. Thank you for helping us meet our Responsible Tourism objective of keeping our ecological footprints small.

The Lodge consists of 9 AC Luxury Cottage Bedrooms and 4 AC Family Cottage Bedrooms. The rooms within this luxurious ambience have the most modern amenities and a blend of contemporary comfort with traditional elegance. The cottage bedrooms are based on British architecture while the tents are similar to the "tenta" originally designed for HH the Maharaja of Jodhpur at the turn of the last century. These tents were used on hunting expeditions. They also catered for an overflow of guests at the palace and even for Vice Regal and Royal visits. Shikar tents used to spring up and provide extreme comfort even in the remotest of locations to the royal guest, like Ratan Villas !!